Public Health Sciences @ the Library

Public Health Sciences @ the Library is a free service intended to address questions about research methods and statistics of a basic and introductory nature. The service is available to medical and nursing students, BIMS students, residents, nurses and other clinicians, lab personnel, and anyone in the Health System who could benefit from such service for their work or studies.

Upcoming Workshops

BioConnector offers a series of workshops supporting the use of software tools for informatics and data analysis.


Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research. Galaxy is a collaborative data integration and workflow management platform that makes computational biology and bioinformatics accessible to researchers who don't necessarily have computer programming experience.

MuSIC Research Databases

The Multi-Schema Information Capture (MuSIC) framework was created at UVA to allow rapid and flexible development of Web-based custom research databases for a variety of purposes. Request a MuSIC consultation to create a database for your project.

Research Navigator

The University of Virginia has a vast array of research support services distributed across Grounds. Spending time looking for all of these services can be challenging: use our Research Navigator to find the tools, services, and help to make your research more efficient.


Welcome to Bioconnector Tutorials. The collection features the Open Helix bioinformatics and genomics tutorial suites as well as selected guides from leading public institutions and universities.

UVA Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

The UVA Clinical Data Repository (CDR) is a HIPAA-compliant integrated research database containing deidentified clinical and administrative information on over 1 million patients and five million clinical encounters at UVA.


The BioConnector Wiki is a simple to use wiki for creating documentation.

Collaboration Environment

The Collaboration Environment is a physical space that aims to provide researchers with a place to collaborate and to provide PIs with software and tools to enhance the research process.